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Neuroimmunological diseases are overall common, and diverse including autoimmune encephalitis, CNS inflammatory demyelinating disorders, autoimmune epilepsy, ADEM, myelitis, inflammatory neuropathies such as CIDP and GBS, autoimmune myasthenia gravis, Lambert-Eaton myasthenic syndrome and autoimmune myositis, and most recently neurological complcations of anti-cancer immunotherapy. Neuroimmunological disorders are important as they can cause severe neurological disabilities and even mortality, and are amenable to immunotherapy. In addition, some patients with neuroimmunological disorders have underlying malignancy or benign neoplasms. Early diagnosis of these patients allow early detection of underlying neoplasms, and optimal oncological prognosis.


  • Promote awareness of neuroimmunological diseases in Hong Kong.
  • Enhance medical care of patients with neuroimmunological diseases in Hong Kong.
  • Enhance knowledge of medical and paramedical professionals on neuroimmunological diseases.